Disclosure Statement

Some important considerations for the reader:

  1. I am from time to time employed as an employee or contractor, usually in a marketing or consulting role. During these instances, it is essential that I separate the work produced for these organizations and the work produced for this blog. For this reason, the organization employing me receives the highest priority for my thinking and writing. My posts do not necessarily reflect the views of any employer or client. I voluntarily give the right to any employer to put a moratorium on my blog posts should they make such a request.
  2. Occasionally, I write about finance. When I analyze specific strategies or securities, I disclose any relevant financial holdings I may have at the time of publication.
  3. I generally provide citations in the form of inline links. When a link is not possible, I provide a citation in some other form. If you believe I have failed to cite another author’s work, please contact me using the email link in the footer.
  4. Similarly, blockquotes are used to provide context to the reader for a recommendation, analysis, or critique. I always provide the reader with a link or reference so that they may read the content in its entirety directly from the source.
  5. I write about politics. Objectivity is a noble pursuit in journalism. However, I am not a journalist. Sometimes I write in a way that reflects my personal views. Other times I do not. Mostly, I write to provoke new ways of thinking. I’m happy to provide clarification on my personal viewpoints. Use the email link in the footer to contact me.
  6. You may quote this blog so long as you attribute the page from which you read the quote. You must link to that page in your attribution. Each quotation may be up to two paragraphs in length.
  7. I occasionally feature photos from attribution-free stock photo websites, like Pexels. However, I have taken many of the photos that appear on this website. Please ask me before using a photo.

This disclosure statement was last updated September 9, 2017.

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