Digital Marketing

We live in an extraordinary time. There are more free tools to connect with your customers, donors, readers, listers, and fans than ever before. And the best part is that you don’t need fancy college degree or 20 years of experience to take advantage of this opportunity. You just need to be willing to learn. By learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, you can connect your message to the world.

Free Digital Marketing Classes: HubSpot Academy

By HubSpot

With 7 free certification courses open to the public, HubSpot, a marketing automation firm, provides both practical skills and professional credentials.

Free Book: The Content Marketing Handbook

By Priceonomics

The folks at Priceonomics had a price scraping tool that they needed to market. So they started blogging about some cool insights that their product produced. Turns out, they had a way better product-market fit for content marketing than they did for their price scraping tool. What did they do about it? Being the rational economics nerds that they are, they went into the content marketing business head first. As one of their first big moves in the industry, they wrote a content marketing handbook detailing everything they know about content marketing. And instead of selling it on Amazon like their previous book, they published it on their website as a 30,000-word blog post where you can read it for free.

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