How Nadia Eghbal is Creating Opportunity in a Messy Economy

Nadia Eghbal Is Creating Opportunity Messy Economy

Some might call them passion projects. Side projects. “Side hustles.” Dream projects. Dreams. It’s those projects we all want to do that will add real value to the world around us. Those projects that we feel like are part of our personal legends. But we just aren’t doing them. We’re going to work, taking classes, caring for our family, or some other worthy pursuit. Maybe the project requires a small amount of capital we just can’t justify spending. Given just a small amount of money, we’d push aside what we’re currently spending our waking hours for just a little while and do it. If only there was a miracle worker who was giving people money to do this. Well, there is. Her name is Nadia Eghbal and she is giving three people $5,000 to pursue exactly these kinds of projects.

She writes: “I’d like to fund something that’s personally meaningful to you, whether that’s moving to the city of your dreams, building a better mousetrap, or bringing strangers together.”

The 21st-century economy seldom allows for opportunities like this one. As a student at a large university, I have countless programs for internships, study abroad, community service, and entrepreneurship open to me. But, it’s often hard for students, myself included, to take advantage of them. There are so many of hoops to jump through. Meanwhile, Eghabal proudly says that her grants have “no strings attached.”

Outside of universities, people are again seldom able to take on projects that matter, as they are constrained by financial and time restraints. Eghbal is giving her own, hard-earned money to allow people to pursue their dreams.

Read her full piece here.

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