Shipping 3x Faster: Brandon Chu on Ruthless Prioritization

Every business has a near-infinite number of tasks it can pursue that will increase profitability.

Compared to the number of hours it will take to complete every activity that will improve profitability, businesses have almost no time at all.

Therefore, prioritization is mission-critical.

Brandon Chu, a product director at Shopify, has a prioritization mindset that he calls “ruthless prioritization.” He writes:

Having a ruthless mindset means accepting reality. It’s a realization that you will have to make hard choices every day on where to focus. It’s a realization that shipping the perfect product is an illusion, and that trade-offs are always required to ship.

In software, in marketing, in homework, and even in running errands, we can ruthlessly prioritize to be 3x faster. We can deliver more value in less time by focussing only on what really matters.

Read more of Chu’s post here.

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